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This is cultural erasure.

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Admin replied to the topic 'Shamanism: The Agony Before the Ecstacy' in the forum. 1 year ago

Thank you so much for posting I am terribly sorry for taking so much time to respond. I finally had the money to do some server upgrades.

I had the old LiveWire BBS I will search for the files you want.


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Admin replied to the topic 'Greetings from Newfoundland!' in the forum. 5 years ago

Glad to have you. We are enjoying your arctic air down here in the Midwest United States today. It is currently 6┬░ outside and cold on the inside.

PODSnet is nothing new. When most of the BBS a shutdown they went to alt.pagan. We are now trying to bring back what once was. Strangely the information that wants was readily available is starting to become harder to find.

Plus many of us have lost so much knowledge... Much taken across the veil with our elders as they pass away.

Hopefully this will become a Townhall, and archive, and a repository of knowledge a safe place to share and most of all a safe community.

Welcome and feel free to share as you can thank you so much for joining in.



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Admin replied to the topic 'Introduction to Chaos Magick' in the forum. 5 years ago

yamamushi wrote:

To each their own.

Not everyone will agree with everything... the goal is to exchange knowledge when and where you can. I have unearthed a lot of files on Chaos Magick and am making all efforts to get them online as soon as possible so that the information will flow.



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Admin replied to the topic 'Introduction to Chaos Magick' in the forum. 5 years ago

Don't take this the wrong way and I mean absolutely no disrespect,, but I've always heard through traditions that Chaos Magick was "Untrained" Magick. While I am no one who strictly adheres to all the traditional aspects of callign quarters and etc... I do understand why sometimes working impromptu can be just as effective.

As someone who's been through the mill with several different formal teachers, and has studied three different traditions what kinds of training does somoene who pracices Chaos Magick go through? Is there a mentoring system in place? I'm sure even the most trained among us will agree that will and intent are major components to getting any magick to work, but are there any established traditions in the practice of Chaos Magick?


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Many of us have a deep connection with our furry children.  This is a group where we can share our pictures, videos and chat about our fur babies.

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